Ibot 10.80

Ibot 10.80

One of the first MMORPG games ever created is the german game called tibia, released in nineteen ninety seven. In its first years, the company which released the game held statistics regarding the number of players, but the counter was taken down cause of performance reasons. Now it is currently quite hard to estimate how many players there are online, but there is over 1.3 million registered accounts total. This german mmorpg has many players, most of them come from either Poland or Brasil. Although its popularity lowered over the years, still many, many people continue to play and explore the cult game tibia to this very day. Even now mods that are made to improve the game and bots are still being made and put into action by many players worldwide and they seem to work perfectly fine. If you want to find out more about them, please visit our website.

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